Ends on October 2, 2017

This is the application for the Business Owner Track for Motor City Match. The application deadline is October 2, 2017. 

This application is for the Business Plan award track. 
The Business Plan award track is for aspiring business owners who have a great idea and need help creating or strengthening a business plan. Motor City Match will provide a free business planning course for up to 50 awardees. 

Directions: Please fill out the application below. Businesses are limited to one application. If a business owner submits multiple applications for the same business, that business will be removed from award consideration. 

Application Scoring: 
Businesses will be scored based on five criteria. Each criterion is worth 20 points. Applicants can earn up to 100 points. 

1.     Vision and plan for the business based on the soundness, completeness and creativity of the concept.

2.     Experience and capacity of the business owners and key members of the business team.

3.     Market opportunity to meet economic demand and advance business district revitalization.

4.     Community support for new business including benefit to low to moderate income communities.

5.     Leverage of business owner investment and other community investment initiatives in the area.

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