Ends on October 1, 2019

 Note: All correspondence regarding your application will be sent to the email address you use to log into the application system, Submittable. If you do not actively use that email address, we encourage you to contact Submittable technical support, support@submittable.com, to change your email address. Please add Submittable to your address book or contacts in order to ensure that you receive Submittable notifications. 

Welcome to the Motor City Match Building Owner application. The application deadline is October 1, 2019. 

Directions: Building owners may submit multiple applications - one for each vacant property they own. Submit one application per available property. If you own a multi-tenant building with one or more vacant spaces, submit one application for that property and indicate the number of available spaces.         

When submitting multiple applications, make sure you hit the "submit" button at the end of each application, before submitting another application. If your previous application appears when you try to submit a new application, you have not submitted your prior application or your prior application is incomplete.       

Application Scoring: Properties will be scored based on five criteria. Each criteria is worth 20 points. Applicants can earn up to a 100 point score.       

1.     Building characteristics and vision to support new business in your building.  

2.     Conditions of the building structure and systems.   

3.     Community and market support for new businesses and business district revitalization.   

4.     Leverage of property owner investment in the space and other community investment initiatives.  

5.     Compliance on taxes, utilities and tickets. Compliance is scored based on the "eligibility" section of the application.