This form is for building owners who wish to be considered for a cash grant. Building owners must  supply updated information that reflects the current physical condition and occupancy of their building since they last applied to Motor City Match. Please attach appropriate documents where requested.

Fill out this form only if you satisfy the following three conditions:
- You previously won a Motor City Match Building Award

- You have at least one tenant with a signed lease or letter of intent that is not yet open and operating in your building. This tenant may be the owner's business.

- You intend to use any Motor City Match awards to fund build-out and repairs in spaces that are intended for a business that is not yet open


Welcome to the Motor City Match Pop-Up track space application. This is an on-going application to provide move-in ready pop-up spaces for Motor City Match Pop-Up track awardees.

Pop-ups are temporary businesses, that look and feel like long-term businesses. These businesses are often open for a limited “run” to test the viability of a long-term lease and the strength of the business model. Pop-ups have been successful in Detroit both in terms of producing full-time tenants and revitalizing communities. Learn more at 

Pop-up spaces may provide the following information to have their spaces posted on the Motor City Match "Make a Match" online map at  Your property will be listed on the Motor City Match website as an available pop-up space viewable by all of our pop-up applicants and the general public. There is no cost to apply nor to be listed as part of this service to growing businesses.

Directions: Pop-up space owners may submit one application per available address.  Make sure you hit the "submit" button at the end of the application. If the application has been successfully submitted you should receive a confirmation email. 

NOTE: MCM businesses leasing a pop-up space are not eligible to apply for a Motor City Match "Cash" award.  Open pop-up spaces listed on the map are not considered MCM awardees and are not eligibile for MCM awards.

Motor City Match